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Electroplating Chemicals Manufacturer and Distributor.

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Electroplating chemicals

If anything made of matter is made up of chemicals, which means that only phenomena that aren't made of matter are not chemicals: Energy is not a chemical.

Electroplating Equipment

We have in-house electroplating plants, providing all types of metal finishing services.

Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic Plants

Automatic and semi-automatic electroplating plants aim at increasing productivity and minimizing operational error, thus providing exemplary and outstanding finishing on plated components.

Lab Analysis

We provide, complete lab facilities, analysis and testing of your electroplating systems and metal finishing procedures.

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We help customers to increase quality and profitability
in their metal finishing business

Electroplating Plants

We are providing

• Manual Electroplating Plant
• Semi Automatic Electroplating Plant
• Fully Automatic Electroplating Plant
• Equipment and Parts


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