Prime Chemicals is a full line Electroplating Chemicals Manufacturer and Distributor. It supplies chemicals, raw materials, plants and accessories to the market place. Prime Chemicals, in addition provides, Training and Consulting Services. The company also provides with on-site maintenance for the process with the help of its technical support team. This greatly reduces the production losses incurred in case of process anomalies. The company also offers free chemical analysis for various processes it offers. The technical experts also help the clients to achieve their quality and production objectives by studying the process details. The company offers consultation and turnkey projects for its clients.

Our Technical Support Team works by helping you to use our technology and expertise in your Metal Finishing business.

By giving you all the information and training through various aspects of plant design and installation, we ensure increase in productivity and improve your profitability.

The company also offers its expertise in the field of electroplating and surface treatment formulations. The company offers to collaborate with companies with similar interests to provide better products and technologies at a very competitive price in various markets. The company has a belief in the ideology that there is more prospect of growth in sharing the results of Research and Development in any field thus having a combined effort.

'Prime Chemicals'

  1. Instructions Sheets are now also available on-line for download.

  2. Full plating sulotions analysis ficilities are available for our valued customers.
  1. What is electroplating? and How does it work?

  2. What's the difference between "Chrome Plating", "Chromium Plating", "Chrome Dipping", "Chroming", etc.?

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