Copper Plating

Electroplating Chemcials for Copper Plating System
  • Cyanide Copper System PC-300

    PC-300 Cyanide Copper is applied as a first layer for copper-nickel-chrome coatings as well as a single coating for special applications. Better throwing power and uniform deposit thickness.

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  • Acid Copper System PC-3000

    Rapid depositing rate and bright plating, extremely high leveling and brightness. A mirror bright deposit can be obtained in the wide range of current density, as well as extremely high leveled brightness at low current density region. Wide range of working temperature. Good bright deposit may be obtained at 18-40℃. High impurity tolerance. It is not easy to produce pinholes, pits and white haze on deposit. Easy to operate, low brightener consumption. The brightener has high stability and good compatibility. It can mix with any acid copper brightener, and easy to change bath.

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