Zinc Plating

Electroplating Chemcials for Zinc Plating System
  • Cyanide Zinc Plating System PC-375

    Cyanide Bright Zinc is liquid brightener, produces brilliant deposits at low, medium, and high current densities for both barrel and rack operations. Excellent throwing and covering power. Plated parts can easily be chromated. Due to the variable metal and cyanide content of the solution, it may be used over a wide range of operating conditions. Its brilliant deposits and its economic use make it the outstanding cyanide zinc brightener system

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  • Alkaline (Cyanide Free) Zinc Plating System ENVIROZINC PC-380


  • Acid Zinc Plating System PC-475

    This low-acid acid zinc process produces mirror-bright, ductile and corrosion resistant zinc finishes on barrel- and jig articles of iron and steel. The additives of this process are highly concentrated, leading to a very low consumption of brightener and make-up solution. The brightness is uniform over the whole area of current density, without any dull deposit in the area of low current density and without any burning in the area of high current density. Even in the area of low current density the thickness of the zinc layer is hardly affected by the high brightness. Altogether, this process combines the positive features of a very low consumption and high brightness over the whole area of current density without compromise.

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  • Acid Zinc Plating System PC-480

    PC-480 M & R is a new bright chloride zinc process designed on present day needs. This process produces bright ductile deposits over wide current density range. The system can be used for both rack and barrel operations. Other advantages are high cathode efficiency, economy of operation, and ease of waste treatment. The new process offers the maximum benefits to the user and displays special properties otherwise unobtainable in both vat and barrel operations. PC-480 M & R additives and brighteners have unsurpassed solution solubility and no oil out problems, even at higher temperatures. It has outstanding brilliant, level, ductile zinc deposits. This process has an improved yellow chromate adhesion due to excellent solubility of additives and brightener in the bath. PC-480 M & R bath readily plates over substrates such as malleable iron, castings, heat treated and carbo-nitrided steels. Due to the wide density current range the process can plate easily complex shapes with both high and low current density areas on vats and also in barrels.

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  • Acid Zinc Sulphate Process ZINCACID-490

    ZINCACID-490 process is especially designed for wire plating.